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Howdy, the kitties have left the building...

Dear cool Cats,


After 125 live shows, 3 tours, 6 years, 2 studio LP's, and a hell of a great time, Giant Kitty is no longer a normally "active band". Although we haven't officially broken up, the physical distance between the band members makes it impossible for us to play live shows or actively tour at this time. We want to thank everyone who has ever supported us, believed in us, or come to one of our shows. The love shown to us particularly within the Houston music scene was something that we will carry in our hearts forever. We want to send an extra power chord of love to the "Kitty Elite", countless venue owners, writers, photographers, musicians, bands, sound engineers, venue employees, and every member of Giant Kitty in every incarnation who gave their time and talent to this project. Our two LP's (This Stupid Stuff, and Rampage) are still available on most popular web services, but physical copies have all sold out. You can still find our videos and a concert film on our YouTube channel. We hope to one day reunite in the future, but as of right now there are no concrete plans for this. Remember these two things: never forget your fascinator, and don't stop that bus. 

- Giant Kitty

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